Slowness is tenderness: creative process of time-based women artists FWF (VU)
Vortragende*r: Reiko Yamada  

Inhalt: Taking the writings by Clarice Lispector and Hélène Cixous on time as a starting point, this course will include a combination of lectures, discussions and workshops. Assigned readings and analysis will include a selection of women writers, composers, filmmakers and artists with a special emphasis on their perspective on the creative process. These readings will be complemented by in-class lectures as well as discussions exploring the process of creation in time-based media.
Students will be invited to discuss questions such as “Do female artists put a different emphasis on processes and outcomes, and if so, how?” “Is the influence of ferminist perspectives different for works of art in time-based media, such as music, as compared to, say, visual arts or literature?” and “What is the range of diversity in perspectives on these questions among feminists?”. These discussions might be supplemented by exploring performances or interacting with artists from the Graz arts scene and beyond.
In parallel, students will participate in a series of creative workshops. These will culminate in an individual project in which each student will create a time-based work (composition, sound art, moving image, spoken word, performance etc.) as a test case and experimentation of women artists’ approaches to the creation process.

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